Industrial fieldbus communication cable 

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Bus cable devicenetfd pur special cable 5-core cable (2 signal lines, 2 power lines, 1 shielded line) product application

DeviceNet Bus system is used for connection of industrial equipment. It is a low-cost network connection scheme with open network standards. One pair of wires transmit data and one pair of wires supply power. Suitable for high flexibility applications, drag chain systems, robot motion systems.

Purple pur 6.8mm CANopen communication cable

—Temperature range
Fixed applications:
—Test voltage
—Characteristic impedance

—Rated voltage

Cable structure
Conductor: fine stranded tinned copper conductor
Insulation: foamed PE (24awg), PE (22Awg)
Signal wire color: white, blue (24awg)
Power cord color: red, black (22Awg)
Shielding: wire pair shielding, tinned copper general braiding
Color: Purple
Diameter Approximate : 6.8mm

Purple PVC 5.4mm CANopen communication line

CAN-BUS 2X2XAWG24/7 PVC 100 - 120
Inner core HDPE, od:1.2,
Exterior purple bright PVC (60p) cold resistance -40 ℃
(brown, white, yellow, green)
Diameter Approximate: 5.4mm

RFcoms Devicenet Bus Cable 2 core Flexible Bus wire PVC 2X22AWG Cable + PUR 2X24AWG Net Cable

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