IP67 Proportional Valve Connector 6+PE Plug in Metal Female Cable Connector EN175201 804 R900223890.

Specializing in proportional valve special plug connector, products in line with the DIN EN175 201-804 standard, there are 4 PINS, 6 PINS, 6+PE PINS,11+PE PINS. Suitable for Atos, Rexroth, Moog, Vickers, Parker and other brand proportional valves, hydraulic valves, servo valve plug connectors.

Aplication: The 7P proportional valve plug is suitable for
1, Bosch-Rexroth 7P proportional valve plug: R900021267, R900217845, R900223890
2, Moog 7P proportional valve plug: DB97007061
3, Vickers 7P proportional valve plug: 694534(Plastic), 934939(Metal)
4, Parker 7P proportional valve plug: 5004072
5, Atos seven-core proportional valve plug:
SP-336, SP-345, SP-664, SP-666(2), SP-667-24, SP-667-110, SP669-220, SP-669(2)
SP-ZH-4P/M8, SP-ZH-4P, SP-ZH-5P, SP-ZH-7P, SP-ZH-7P, SP-ZH-12P, SP-ZM-3P


▶ Mating connectors and cable sets for electrical
connection of:
- Valve solenoids
- Valves with integrated electronics
- Position and pressure sensors
▶ Various designs and standards
▶ Plastic and metal versions

RFcoms 4P 4 Pin Proportional Valve Plug Socket + Plug Connector fit for REXROTH/for MOOG/for VICKERS/for PARKER

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