Company Profile

SHENZHEN RFCOMS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  was established in Shenzhen in 2017, is a professional enterprise focusing on,Coaxial Cable, RF Connector, Coaxial Adapter, Cable Assembly, Attenuator, M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, M23, industrial connection technology and a national high-tech enterprise. After years of development, excellent products, rich product lines and extremely high cost performance are more and more popular with customers. In the environment of unmanned driving and Industry 4.0, RFCOMS products are widely used in communications industry, wind power generation, high-speed rail, automobile manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and gradually become the backbone of domestic industrial connectors. The company has passed ISO9001 system,CE,SGS certification and implemented the 6S management policy to effectively ensure product quality.

Our company focuses on various types of  Coaxial Cable, RF Connector, Coaxial Adapter, Cable Assembly, Attenuator, and pays more attention to customer service. In addition to providing conventional products, we also provide customers with in-depth OEM/ODM services. Electronic manufacturing services cover R&D, global procurement, manufacturing, sales and logistics management,

Customers can grasp advanced manufacturing technology through our one-stop-manufacturing service package. In smart industry, smart home equipment, clean energy, electronic positioning monitoring equipment, driverless products, radio frequency products, etc., we can provide customers with customized product solutions and services according to customer needs.

The company's sales network is gradually established, and offices will be set up in major cities in China and more partners will be established around the world. The concept of "professional focus on doing a good job in each product" and the tenet of "highest quality, sincere service" sincerely serve our customers.